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Jewelry Making

We want to give local talent a space to shine

When creative people have space to share their passion everyone  benefits.
It's can be tough to get a break. We want to help get your talent out there.

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Zero Waste, Zero Experience 

"I'd love to be more eco, but I wouldn’t know where to start. I need someone to help me.”

Our Solution

Going Eco should be affordable, easy and most of all fun. You just need some help on where to start from someone who is doing it.

Try before you buy

“I know when people smell my soap they love it. You just can’t show that online.”

Our Solution

With makers making a name for themselves on online platforms such as Etsy, Notonthehighstreet, The Treasure Centre provides a physical alternative for products not suited to blind buying.

Hobby to Hunter

“I would love to try my hand as a Salvage Hunter but never had the right space.”

Our Solution

Our affordable curated spaces give budding treasure traders a home and market for their finds. Your vintage treasures will compliment our other unique products. Giving a contemporary context, It’s a win / win.

Space to Grow

“I have done makers fairs, but its too hit and miss to give my business a chance of growing.”

Our Solution

Exclusive curated spaces ensures product range diversity, and offers makers a base and the time to build their customer base.

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